Rabbot the Red

This started as just a VRChat world of my reimagining of the woodland commune of Knothole Village from the Sonic saturday morning cartoon (SATAM) and the Sonic comics by Archie. Since I want this world to have story elements throughout its environment, I created a unique take on the story from the show and comics for it.

This new story features Bunnie Rabbot as the main protagonist after Sonic's hubris got himself captured and roboticized. Also, Bunnie, Sally Acorn, and the rest of the Freedom Fighters became disillusioned in the status quo from before Dr. Robotnik's world takeover. Now they fight his techno-fascist regime to create a better world based on what they learned living in Knothole Village - COMMUNISM!

Depending on how things go, I might do something more with the Rabbot the Red concept beyond the VRC world and random one-off pieces.

While creating the Knothole Village VRC world, I got the hang of 3D modeling and put together some Sonic R models of the Freedom Fighters + a SATAM-style Dr. Robotnik edit.

Click here to download the SATAM Sonic R models

Sulky Sad Bobcat

This is probably my most notorious work (assuming my edgy leftist comics haven't overshadowed it by now). It's a few things, but mostly it's some short comics and a game. Right now though, the game project is on hiatus for now as I work more on Blax & Jack and Rabbot the Red.

There was a blog where fans and critics alike could ask Spanky herself questions, but it has been defunct for years and is now used as a hub for all things Spanky.

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Ⓐ ☆ ☭ Sqrly's Spicy Leftist Comics ☭ ☆ Ⓐ

Are you a leftist? Are you painfully aware of how most of the world's problems are linked to capitalism and bigotry? Do you hate cops, billionaires, Nazis, and rightists in general? Are you sick of centrists telling you to be "civil"?

Hopefully you are! I fucked civility politics in the ass with the might of my BIG and TASTY COCK and BALLS, and I didn't use any lube. Sorry, not sorry.

Because the site (FurryLife.Online) nuked itself, there's no reliable links to the whole collection of these right now. I'll get to fixin that when I can, y'all!

Naturebot Rusty: Pet Savior (2018)

This game was a 72-hour game jam for Ludum Dare 41 with my buddy RainbowCemetery. I made the characters, story, and graphics, and Rainbow did the programming. You can even play it in-browser!

Platforms Windows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Authors RainbowCemetery, Sqrly Jack
Genre Platformer
Made with Unity

Click here to play Naturebot Rusty: Pet Savior

The Parmingulator: Space Funeral 4 (2017)

Are you familiar with Space Funeral and its fan games? No? Eh, you're not missing much. Basically, this game is a parody of the entire "series" and its fanbase. Even then, you'll probably get a kick out of how breakneck ridiculous this game is. Oh, also this entire game was made in 5 days. :o

Platforms Windows
Authors Sqrly Jack
Genre JRPG
Made with RPGMaker 2003

Click here to play The Parmingulator: Space Funeral 4

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