About Commissions

Commissions are worked on and completed during art streams. Just fill out the form ahead of time, follow the instructions, and you can get a stream sketch!

Fill out and submit the form here, y'all

Only three commissions will be chosen each week and will be worked on and completed on my Friday and Saturday night streams. What doesn't get done on Friday will be done on Saturday. After it is completed, you will receive an invoice via Paypal. Once it is paid, I will send you the full resolution image of your commission.

People who were chosen for the previous batch of commissions are not eligible for the next one. Only one commission will be accepted per person each batch. I have the right to deny any commission for any reason.

No vague commissions or expecting me to "surprise" you. Be specific and decisive, or else your commission form goes to the rejection pile.

To accommodate for time zones and so on, you do not have to attend the stream to get a commission. You do not have to fill out a commission form during a stream. You can fill one out at any time you like.

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Content Guidelines

Anything that isn’t explicitly listed as a subject I won’t draw, I will draw! (Some exceptions may apply, but that's unlikely. If yer here, yer probably already familiar with my art.)

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