Hurlo Welcrum to Sqrly Jack World

Howdy! I'm Jaclyn Rabbot Ryan. I'm a down-home commie trans woman who's real sweet to her friends, fans, comrades, and basically anyone with common decency. That said, I don't kiss no one's grits and I do what I want. For me, makin' spicy, weird, leftist, furry cartoons is, like, really friggin' rad?

I've been a furry artist since around 2010. I started reading a bunch of furry web comics and thought it was really great that just about anyone could do something like this if they knew how to draw and write, and it can be about whatever they want, so I decided to do it. Some of my artistic inspirations are Michael Jackson, Tim Burton, Animaniacs, and Sonic SATAM, and they're all things I've enjoyed since I was a young'un. That's far from everything, but let's not write a novel here.

Anyway, this site was created to serve as a convenient lil' hub for all my work, website profiles, and other relevant information that would be useful for my viewers. I have big plans for the future, so stick around!

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